COVID-19 Vaccinations

The NHS is currently in the process of delivering COVID-19 vaccinations nationwide. The national vaccine rollout has now begun, with the vaccine available at a large number of local vaccination centers.

For detailed information concerning NHS England's COVID-19 vaccination program, please consult the NHS Website.

Please click here for a map with the location of the West Wandsworth vaccination center if you are due to have your second dose there and you need to be reminded of the location.

Vaccination Bookings

The government is offering the COVID-19 vaccine to people in order of their age. Currently, the government has invited everyone over the age of 34 to be vaccinated. You can book your vaccine by visiting the National Booking Service website or by calling 119.


You are also eligible for the vaccine if you provide care for another person and you live with that person, or if you live with someone who is immunocompromised (has an immune system which does not function well or does not function at all). If this is the case, please contact the surgery by email and let us know. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee when you will be able to receive your vaccine if you are eligible based on these criteria.

The vaccine now being offered at most vaccination centers in London is the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. This vaccine is safe and highly effective.


It is not possible to choose which vaccine you receive when you go for your appointment. If you believe that you require a particular vaccine due to your age or a medical condition, you will need to speak to your GP.

We would like to politely request that you do not contact the surgery regarding the COVID-19 vaccine until you are eligible to be vaccinated. We thank you for your understanding at this busy time. 


The government has published a set of guidelines specifying when the public can expect to receive their vaccine. The guidelines dictate that patients will be called in order of age and vulnerability. The groups for vaccination are as below:

  1. residents in a care home for older adults and their carers

  2. all those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers

  3. all those 75 years of age and over

  4. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals

  5. all those 65 years of age and over

  6. all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality

  7. all those 60 years of age and over

  8. all those 55 years of age and over

  9. all those 50 years of age and over

  10. all those 45 years of age and over

  11. all those 40 years of age and over

For more information, please consult the JCVI guidelines. 

We are unfortunately unable to predict exactly when a particular cohort will be invited to be vaccinated. The government has pledged to invite all adults to receive their first dose of the vaccine by July of this year. Please be patient and your cohort will likely be called within a few weeks to a month after the cohort above your own.