Young people


Can we help you with some of the problems that can affect you when growing up?


    You can tell your Doctor anything, it will stay between you and your Doctor! If you like, you can make an appointment and come just by yourself.

click here to see our young people’s leaflet.



Many of us get spots on our face and body but not everyone knows that we can easily treat it with special creams or tablets. Why not make an appointment with one of the Doctors to see what we can do for you?

Our Doctors can change your inhalers or give you a different treatment. It’s important to review your Asthma with the Doctor regularly to help improve your breathing and reduce coughs.



Many things can happen in life that can get us down, whether it is problems in school or at home, a relationship, illness, someone bothering us or anything else! We can help you. Our Doctors are here for you, but we can’t help you if you don’t tell us.



Anxiety is when you feel worried, scared, unsure or it can even include panic attacks. Sometimes it can come from difficult things in life like exams and sometimes we can’t find a cause but our Doctors can help you get better if you talk to us.

Sexual Health

Free treatment  

– Contraception

– Hepatitis B Vaccine

– HIV testing

– STI testing

– Emergency Contraception

– Chlamydia Screening

– Condoms  

Shhh, we won’t tell anyone! Just make an appointment with a Doctor.

There is also a walk in clinic at Queen Mary’s Hospital. Click here

Medical records


You can view your medical record online when you reach 13. Your parents can also check it until you are 16. If you want access to it or if you don’t want your parents to access it then just let us know at reception! 🙂

Fill in your email address or telephone number and we will get in touch 🙂